EC gearing, a new kind of toothed engagement — is a fundamental resource and energy saving development in the field of machine-building industry

A new kind of gearing called eccentrically cycloidal (EC) is developed,
on its basis the manufacture of almost any type of gearbox is possible
(cylindrical, planetary and bevel EC-gearboxes, and also
rack-type EC gears for mechanisms with rectilinear motion).
The new kind of gearing is asserted by 7 patents of Russian Federation.
International applications are filed.
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Technical and economic indicators

Figure shows the comparative dimensions of pinions with EC gearing and involute gearing with the same parameters (U = 9, equal loading torque).

  1. Several times reduction of mass and overall dimensions;
  2. Increased gear ratio U in one stage up to 30
    (in the involute gearing U<= 8);
  3. It is allowed to increase misalignment and center-to-center clearance in the EC gearing 5-10 times compared with functioning standard parameters for the involute gearing without loss of force characteristics in the engagement;
  4. Efficiency in the EC gearing approaches the rolling efficiency 99,9% for Кfr = 0.075, since the meshing point is in the pitch point.
Download the EC-gearing information.

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