In the framework of the advance project of the Perspective Research Foundation, the Krylov State Research Center (St. Petersburg) carried out comparative tests of two reducers. Test reducer 5Ц2-125-12,5 with involute gearing produced by JSC "ZAREM". Gears with a hardness of 60 HRC are made by grinding 5kl. accuracy. The tested reducer is made in a similar housing of the test reducer 5Ц-125-12,5 with EC-gearing. EC-gears with a hardness of 60 HRC are made by blade cutting with 8 cl. accuracy.

As a result of the tests revealed:
1. The efficiency in the EC-reducer is 2% higher. The average value in the entire load range.
2. The limiting moment for scrapping the EC-reducer is more by 25%.

Gearbox with EC gears

Reducer with involute gears

Comparison of gears of EC gearbox and involute

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