Heavy-transmitting module «Cyclo-TM» ( General machine building )

Our company has developed a new heavy-transmitting module «Cyclo-TM», instead of serially produced by PCR 320. At the same dimensions of our design modules transmits more torque and has an increased service life. This allows you to save the kinematic accuracy of the module in high congestion. That is especially true for large ratios in the module to prevent it sticking. The input shaft of the module can be made ​​hollow with an internal keyway, and acting with an external keyway.


Cyclo-TM ( PCR 320 )

Ratio : 107,116,139,171,193,215,250 (29,35,41,47,59,71,83,95,107,119,143,167,191)

Efficiency: 0,95(0,85)

Resourceх: 9000 (6000) hours.

Torque: 6000(3400) Nm.

The outer diameter of the shell: 320 (320)mm.

The diameter of case tarsus: 15…10 (15…2,5) mm.


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