Replacing the TCS-500 SES-300 ( Energy )

Cost of mounting the gearbox turbines depends on its size and weight. Today it is possible to replace SES-300 with EC-Gearing for an available gear TCS-500 with involute gear tooth. SES-300 is two times light, that significantly affects its manufacturing cost and installation cost.


TCS-500 SES-300
Power 3000 kW more than 3000 kW
Input speed 13020 rpm no restrictions
Speed ​​outlet 1500 rpm no restrictions
Efficiency 98,7% more than 99%
Distance between centers 500 mm 300 mm
Ratio 8,8 8,8


STAHL CraneSystem GmbH
Digital Smart System LLC, California, USA
SME Tomsk Electronic Company
Research and Production Company Micran
RussNeft corp.
Tomskgazprom corp.
Electroagregat corp.
Transputmash Trade Company, JSC
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