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Technology market — EC-gearing

Comparison of principal views of gearings

EC-gearing surpasses all earlier known kinds of gearings in Technical and economic indicators.

The new kind of gearing is asserted by patents of the Russian Federation:

The mechanism of transfer of rotation between parallel shafts, application RU 2018121788.
№91Formal expertise
Planetary mechanism and planetary transmission on its basis, application RU 2018111371.
№91 №91Formal expertise

Vintorulovaya column application RU 2018107509.
№РД0070099Formal expertise

Patent RU2158777 — 20.01.2016г.

Patent RU2570959 — 20.12.2015г.

Patent RU2553848 — 20.06.2015г.

Patent RU2539438 — 20.01.2015г.

Patent RU2534657 — 10.12.2014г.
№РД0070099 License agreement for submersible EC pump

Patent RU2506477 — 10.02.2014г.

Patent RU113698 — 27.02.2012г.

Patent RU2416748 — 20.04.2011г.

Patent RU2439401 — 29.01.2010

Patent RU97471 — 08.04.2010

Patent RU2385435 — 22.12.2008

Patent RU2362925 — 18.04.2008

Patent RU2355923 — 26.02.2008

Patent RU2345257 — 31.08.2007

Patent RU2338105 — 09.07.2007
№РД0070099License agreement

Patent RU2338103 — 31.07.2007

Patent RU2338102 — 09.07.2007

Foreign patents:

Patent US: US 9,951,619 B2 — 24.04.2018г.

European Patent: №2532926 — 29.09.2016г.

Eurasian Patent: EA020269 — 30.09.2014г.

Patent US: US 8.789.437 B2 — 29.07.2014г.

Eurasian Patent: EA019727 — 30.05.2014г.

Patent US 8,157,691 B2 — 17.04.2012

Eurasian Patent: EA015293 — 30.06.2011г.

Eurasian Patent: №028571 — 29.12.2017г.

International application was filed to protect the major improvements EC-gearing.

The international application — PCT/RU2011/000027

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Digital Smart System LLC, California, USA
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