A universal block of a rodless converter (BBP) of linear motion into rotational motion has been deve ( General machine building )

A universal block of a rodless converter (BBP) of linear motion into rotational (and vice versa) has been developed. For demonstration, images of a two-stroke internal combustion engine based on this converter with mechanical power take-off and electric power take-off through a starter generator are shown.

Using various combinations of connected working equipment, the converter can be operated as:
- Internal combustion engines (2- and 4-stroke) for aircraft, for cars, volume from 50 cm3 to 3000 cm3;
- Compressor for mechanical engineering, oil and chemical industry;
- Steam engine for generating electricity ;
- Pneumatic motor for construction machinery and car drive;
- Electric generator for mobile power plants of the car and households.

1. Small mechanical losses due to the use of rolling bearings in BBP;
2. Fully balanced circuit;
3. High specific characteristics (low weight and small size at high power);
4. High durability;
5. Maintainability;
6. Low cost;
7. Small Midsection area (for internal combustion engines of aircraft).

Download: Dimensional drawing of recoilless block with internal combustion engine 2D

Download: Recoilless block with internal combustion engine 3D


  • Rated torque: Hm.
  • Gear ratio number:

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