General machine building

A piston compressor based on a piston-less converter has been developed
A plunger-free piston pump has been developed
A pump with external EC engagement has been developed
A pump with internal EC engagement has been developed
The involute engagement pairs were replaced with EC
Comparison of radial sections of teeth of involute and EC engagement
A universal block of a rodless converter (BBP) of linear motion into rotational motion has been deve
EC-motor pump has been developed
At the request of the customer, a comparison of engagement was carried out
A vacuum sampler has been developed
The project of electric scissors has been developed
The layout of the gearbox of the shut-off valve drive quarter-turn
A gearbox for positioning space antennas of G5 network satellites has been developed
The reducer for the trubogib machine is developed
A quarter-turn valve actuator (90±10°) has been developed
A two-stage geared motor with EC gearing has been developed, as part of the import substitution prog
Preliminary designs of piston-free compressors have been developed
Developed connecting rodless piston pump
Connecting rodless piston compressor developed
Developed a hoisting crane winch with a direct-acting hydraulic motor
Linear reducer
Manual winch
Evolution of EC-gearing
Upgraded gearbox with EC gearing
Designed gearbox with EC gearing.
EC gears for the ЦУ2-400-50 gearbox have been developed
The design of the gearbox for the LIR-MS137A rotation sensor has been developed
Planetenmodul ПЦР-TM-320-190
Three-stage EC gearbox for lifting equipment
EC-Gear for drill
Pre-stage planetary gearbox
The model of the nut-screw transmission(NST)
Five types of gearboxes with EC-gearing of different power and transmission ratios
Torque amplifier UKM1700
Heavy-transmitting module «Cyclo-TM»
Torque amplifier

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