A prototype of the nut-screw transmission (GWP) is tested.
The design of the GWP is patentable.
Advantages of GWP:
1. Small transmission pitch (0.01-2);
2. High efficiency, (no circulating power);
3. Can transmit large axial forces;
4. The design is balanced. (high input shaft rotation speed is applicable);
5. Ease of construction. (a small amount of detail).

It is planned to create a number of linear coaxial drives (similarly - ball screws and RVP)
For small linear (force) displacements, a ball screw or a RVP in combination with a reducer at the input is used. (Ball screws and RVP in power transmissions have a fairly large step (2-20) of linear displacement per revolution)
The use of GWP will eliminate the reducer at the input, which will reduce the size and reduce the cost of the design of the drive.

Watching a video

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